Fixing yahoo problems in pidgin

July 24, 2009 by

The past few days i faced a problem with pidgin that it works with my msn e-mails and gmail e-mails but the problem was with yahoo.

Yahoo! Inc. did something to its messenger servers, something that practically blocked all the Linux IM clients, such as Pidgin, Kopete, Empathy or GyachI.Yahoo! changed the login method! However, at this moment none of the aforementioned Instant Messenger clients for Linux can connect with the Yahoo protocol.

i searched for the solution of this problem and finally found it 😀 , then let’s fix this problem !

the solution was in the latest version of pidgin 2.5.7

1) download this key and save it in your Desktop

2) go to [System >> Administration >> Software Sources], enter your password and press [Third Party Software] tab

3) then add this line according your ubuntu distribution

Ubuntu 9.04

deb jaunty main

Ubuntu 8.10

deb intrepid main

4) go to [Authentication] tab and press [Import Key File] button and choose the key file in your Desktop

5) close window and preess [Reload]

6) and then [ System >> Administration >> Update Manager]

Enjoy your time 😀



Linux Run Levels

June 28, 2009 by

so , what's the meaning of Runlevels?

Runlevels define what services or processes should be running on the system.

in other words : A runlevel is a software configuration of the system that allows only a selected group of processes to exist, Init can run the system in one of 6 runlevels.

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Linux Documentation

February 7, 2009 by

Hi everybody!

This time let’s talk about something that every single Linux user – from the typical user to the system admin – almost use it everyday !!

Wow !! That’s cool. But, What is it?

Yeah as the title tels you, “Linux Documentation”.

So, What is the Linux Documentation? why we use it rapidly? and how to use it? that is what this post about.
We will not cover all Documentation tools in this post, but it will be followed by other posts to describe the next tools isA.

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Nvidia is not working

January 5, 2009 by

yeah … sometimes kmod-nvidia conflicts with other packages

so you can’t install it directly

even when you go to nvidia site and try to install it to your linux, you’ll be disappointed because compiz and other 3d effects won’t work perfectly

so you’ll have to install the “akmod-nvidia” package

first, know what’s your kernel version by typing:

#uname -r

then install nvidia

for redhat based:

#yum install akmod-nvidia-#kernel number

in ubuntu:

apt-get install akmod-nvidia-#kernel number

note that the bold words are comments

you can try using:

yum install akmod-nvidia-$(uname -r)

instead of the two lines above (but i didn’t test this one)

regards …

flash plugin doesn’t support sound

September 7, 2008 by

Hello guys


you might install the flash plugin to enjoy watching youtube or whatever

but unfortunately, the sound is not working!!

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Installing Virtualbox

September 2, 2008 by


i faced an error while installing Virtualbox on my fedora machine, and i could not create any virtual machines!!

but i found that there were some steps required to complete the installation

so i had to install some packages and do the steps



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