Overview about Linux


History Stuff:-

Early in 1970 at AT&T Bell labs a team leaded by ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie made the UNIX operating system for the PDP-7 machines which was completely written in the PDP-7 assembly and it was multiuser multitasking operating system and also included initial text processing system then later in 1973 the UNIX was first written in C programming language .

The UNIX operating system was free and open source and it helped to develop so many other UNIX-Based operating systems like the BSD and the Sun OS which became Solaris now but in 1983 when a system administrator in MIT his name was Richard Stallman received a UNIX copy which was UNIX-System V without it’s source code and he couldn’t obtain it until he signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement NDA which made the source code useless, so he decided to start a project to develop a new UNIX-Like operating system written from scratch and it will be free software. this project is called GNU (Gnu’s Not UNIX) – yes it’s a self referencing acronym SRA – and it was started in 1984 by Richard Stallman after he had resigned from MIT.

Gnu’s developers made a lot of tools for the new OS like :-

  • GCC: the gnu C compiler
  • Glib: gnu library
  • Bash: command line interpreter

But unfortunately the kernel wasn’t finished (it was finished in late 1990s and it called Hurd but Linux was already thriving) so they used the kernel that Linus Thorvald made.

Linus Thorvald also managed to combine the GNU C compiler with the new kernel and the first version of the Linux kernel was announced in September 1991 and it was rapidly developed since that till now.

Why Linux?

Everybody will ask now why should we use Linux? So, I’ll try to list the advantages of Linux quickly which are:-

  • Open source operating system.
  • It’s multiuser multitasking operating system.
  • Very secure.
  • High performance.

And so many other features but the most important one is that Linux is open source under the GPL (Gnu General Public License) read more about it from here

Linux has so many distributions which also called Linux flavors and among all of these distros there is only three major distros which are (Debian, Red Hat and Slackware) and most of the other distros are based on these ones. So, we will try to cover these three distros in any topic we will post to guarantee that your favorite flavor is included.

In the next post we will get down to work with Linux and we will start with the Installation. So, keep it up 😀


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