Starting with GIMP


Hello Everyone 😀

i’m going to talk about GIMP as i find this lesson is the most important part of the course … so this must be the beginning line

About GIMP:
GIMP is an acronym for “GNU Image Manipulation Program” … but that doesn’t mean that it’s working on GNU-Linux only …. it’s working on Unix (Linux, FreeBSD & Sun Solaris), Mac OS, Windows

if you were using Adobe Photoshop … i’m sure that GIMP would be a good Open Source Alternative as they work with the same tools and features … except small difference in Filters and Brushes.

you can visit the GIMP site and see the features

Why GIMP?!

The Main Advantages of GIMP are:

  • Easy to work with … as it supports many features that are important for Designers
  • Open Source …. anybody can do whatever he wants in the source code
  • Free Of Charge … no more bothering with Serials or Cracks … and i think the Super Advantage that it can’t be Stolen! 😆 😆
  • as there are no such a program in GNU/Linux Supports such Features …. the GIMP is still the best and the most powerful program in Linux Systems

GIMP History:

at July 1995 … Peter Mattis sent a message to some groups to tell them that he want to make a program similar to photoshop and he described how he can make it

Two weeks later … Peter Mattis Sent another message to some groups and asked them two Questions:

Suppose someone decided to write a graphical image manipulation program
(akin to photoshop). Out of curiousity (and maybe something else), I have a
few (2) questions:

What kind of features should it have? (tools, selections, filters, etc.)
What file formats should it support? (jpeg, gif, tiff, etc.)

at November 1995 … the first beta release was available as “General Image Manipulation Program”
now known as “GIMP”

but when Released GIMP 1.0.0 … the name changed to “GNU Image Manipulation Program”

till now … they reached to GIMP 2.5.1 Unstable Release which was released just two days later
Here they are working towards the next stable release, which will be GIMP 2.6.
i don’t want to talk much about GIMP History, so if you are interested in reading it, you can just enter this link


that’s all … we’re going to stop here …. and the next lesson we’ll start Using GIMP 😀

so please be ready and download it

see you next lesson



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  1. hend89 Says:

    thanx alot
    very nice lesson

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