WD Languages && Tools


As we defined in the last post the “web developer” the one how do the necessary programming code, so we are gonna talk about the programming languages && tools that any developer need to start.

first lets have a look at languages and techniques to develop a web site :

  • HTML // client side programming language
  • CSS   // to give your site the look and the stile
  • PHP   // as a server side programming language

and more …..

  • server side like /* PHP , ASP , JSP , Perl , Cold Fusion */
  • client side like  /* HTML , JS , CSS , XML , AJAX */

lets have a look at some tools you will need as a web developer , first of all you will need some good editors because its not a good thing to write your code in the notepad its just waste of time the good editor give you a highlight & outcompete &….more so it save your time  , bleave me you will need that time.

so have some editors

  1. for Linux
  2. for Windows

and the most important thing you need as a web developer is to get involved in a community of developers to help each other ,also search for tutorial and try to understand it , write your own code and try more and more , of course read books and stay up to date with the new tech and news in the field .


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