GIMP Tools


hello again

in this lesson … i’m gonna talk about:


lets take a look at the tools menu

its exactly like this:

lets see what’s the usage of these tools

take a look at this picture and you may understand what can they do

if you were working on Photoshop .. you’ll understand most of these tools

lets take a closer look at this icons

we’re gonna work on this image to declare the usage of these tools

1)Rectangle Select Tool:
shortcut: (R)
lets select the rectangular upper part of the image using this tool

are you finished?? .. no …
press enter … or press anywhere in the selection region using the mouse left button

2)Ellipse Select Tool:
shortcut: (E)
lets remove the the firefox logo from our selection
first select the Ellipse tool .. then … change the “Aspect Ratio” to 1:1

go to the middle of the firefox logo and press “Ctrl” button while dragging the Ellipse selection …
now press “Shift” (while dragging with mouse)

(you don’t have to make a Perfect selection cause we’re gonna make it later)

well .. lets explain what we’ve just done now ..
first we’d set “Aspect Ratio” to “1:1” to make a “Circle” Selection
then we used “Ctrl” button to remove part of our selection
then we used “Shift” so we’re using the Aspect ratio and the shape is Circle

3)Free Select Tool:
shortcut:s (F)
we can make a random selection using this tool
but i’m not gonna use it now as our image is simple
and i advice you to avoid using this tool in such simple images

4)Fuzzy Select Tool:
this tool helps us to select a contiguous region on the basis of color …
shortcut: (U)
select the tool and press “Shift” while clicking the left side white region

“Shift” button we’d pressed is for adding selection
if we raised the “Threshold” option degree .. it’ll be able to add larger region

we’ll undo this step as we’ll need the white color in the next tool 😀
(to Undo .. press “Ctrl+z”)

5)Select By Color:
shortcut: (Shift+O)
this tool selects the regions of the same color …
so now we’re gonna select the left side white region …
we’ll notice that we’ve selected all the white regions in the image

6)Scissors Select Tool:
shortcut: (I)
this tool is like the “Magnetic selecting tool” in Photoshop
its selecting shapes using edge-fitting technique …
i always use it when i get a bad selection

now we can make a good Selection using this tool

i’ve selected the whole image and removed the firefox logo from my selection

ok .. now we’re gonna deselect the whole selection …
so if you’re worried about your selection, you can save it to channel
go to Select menu >> Save to Channel

now if you’re thinking howto load the selection
simply .. go to channels menu .. you’ll find the selection …
right click on it then choose “Channel To Selection”

now you can deselect our selection … just press “ctrl+shift+A”

7)Foreground Select Tool:
no shortcut
select the region of firefox logo as follows:

now draw a shape using Paint Brush Tool into the firefox logo … so you can take all the colors inside the logo … as follows

then press Enter

this tool is based on “Simple Interactive Object Extraction” technique which is also contained in Inkscape

8)Paths Tool:
shortcut: (B)
this tool is similar to Pen tool in Photoshop …

i’m gonna make a path around the upper area of the picture
… notice that every point has a line with two end points
these end points specify the direction of the previous and following pathes
to control these points … create a point then drag it while pressing “ctrl” button

you can see that in this image:

now you’ll see your Path in the Paths Dialog

you can use “Strock Path” icon to fill in your path with a color, brush or pattern
you also can use “Path To Selection” icon
and if you already have a selection .. you can make a Path from Selection using “Path from Selection” icon

9)Color Picker Tool:
shortcut: (O)
used to pick a color from the images

10)Zoom Tool:
shortcut: (Z)
used for zooming in/out the image

11)Measure Tool:
shortcut: (Shift+M)
used for measuring angles and destance between two points

we can use info window by marking its option in the tools menu

12)Move tool:
shortcut: (M)
used to move layers, selections and other objects

13)Alignment Tool:
shortcut: (Q)
used to arrange objects

suppose we have 3 objects that are not alligned :

so we’re gonna select them and click the “Align Left” button in the tools menu

14)Crop Tool:
shortcut: (Shift+C)
used to remove edge areas from image or layer

select the region you want to crop then click enter!

15)Rotate tool:
shortcut: (Shift+R)
used to rotate layers,selection and paths

this is an image after rotating “Freaks” layer

16)Scale Tool:
shortcut: (Shift+T)
used to scale layers,selections and paths

this is an image after scaling “Open” layer

17)Shear Tool:
shortcut: (Shift+S)
used to Shear the layer, selection and paths

18)Perspective tool:
shortcut: (Shift+P)
used to change perspective of the layer, selection and path

19)Flip Tool:
shortcut: (Shift+F)
used to reverse the layer, selection and path (Horizontally or Virtically)

20)Text Tool:
shortcut: (T)
used to create/edit text layers

i used it to create “Open Source Freaks” objects
its too simple to use it … just click on the place you want in the picture then write what you want in the box

21)Bucket Fill Tool:
shortcut: (Shift+B)
used to fill selected region with the selected color or pattern

we can use it to fill solid colors like the white color in our image

22)Blend Tool:
shortcut: (L)
used to fill selected region with gradient colors

you can edit the gradient or create your own .. using the Gradients Dialog

23)Pencil Tool:
shortcut: (N)
used to paint hard edges using a brush

this tool is not easy to use … needs too much time to get used on it

24)PaintBrush Tool:
shortcut: (P)
used to paint smooth strokes using a brush
i used the “sun” brush to make this following shape

25)Eraser Tool:
shortcut: (Shift+E)
used to erase objects using a brush

26)Airbrush Tool:
shortcut: (A)
used to paint using a brush, with variable pressure

actually its lighter that the normal brush … and it gives nice effects in many photos

27)Ink Tool:
shortcut: (K)
used for Calligraphy-style Painting


28)Clone Tool:
shortcut: (C)
Selectively copy from an image or pattern using a brush

and it’s often used for healing images

click “Ctrl” button while selecting the point you want to copy
then paste it whereever you want

29)Healing Tool:
shortcut: (H)
used to Heal image to make it look better
it’s exactly like “Clone Tool” with some small excepts

30)Perspective Clone Tool:
no shortcut
Clone from an image source after applying a perspective transformation

31)Blur/Sharpen Tool:
shortcut: (Shift+U)
used for Blurring the selection or make it sharp

32)Smudge Tool:
shortcut: (S)
used for smudging images by dragging the parts you want

33)Burn/Dodge Tool:
shortcut: (Shift+D)
used in selectively lighten or darken using a brush


3 Responses to “GIMP Tools”

  1. Daemon Says:

    I have an image with a ton of static pixels that I want to get rid of. So I use the fuzzy select tool and it selects just about all the pixels I want to get rid of. Now, how do I just delete them? I tried hitting delete and nothing happens. Please help…

  2. BooDy Says:

    1-make sure you’re selecting the right layer

    2-try hitting “Delete” button

    3-if it’s still not working …. right click on the layer and choose Add Alpha Channel

    4-try hitting “Delete” again

  3. Marybeth Gohn Says:

    Really Good Articles/posts that you have on this site. Thanks

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