Prepar your server -LAMP Server-


now will start to prepare the server to start write our script

then will install program to admin our database && execute MySQL Query , you can get them from synaptic package manager

  1. MySQL Query Browser
  2. MySQL Administrator

you will find them in Application >> Programming >> 1 && 2 . you have to set the root pass word when you install them . that pass you will login with and the user will be “root” . also you will select the server folder on your hard as default “/var/www” you can edit it that folder .

let us test the server

  • add new file in “/var/www” call it “index.php” write “<?php echo “you have 100% cooool server lol” ; ?>” , then go to your firefox and go to http://localhost/” if you see a page with the text “you have 100% cooool server lol” then ok .
  • go to application >> programming >> MySQL Administrator && MySQL Query and try your user name “root” and your pass”******” if you loged in then ok .
  • create another file in “/var/www” call it “info.php” write in it <html>
    <title> PHP Test Script </title>
    phpinfo( );
  • then go to your FF and go to http://localhost/info.php
    phpinfo is one of the “built-in” functions that PHP does. There are many others, but this one is a nice one to use to start of as a test.
    All working well so far? Good.


in Linux you maybe not the root user so you will not be abol to edit “/var/www” then go to your terminal and write “sudo nautilus” then the pass of the root user then edit as much as you need .

OK now your server working well start write some code :D ,
so till the next post keep it up & keep freak :)

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