We are a team of Open Source Freaks…. ya we are 😀

Interested in

  1. Linux
  2. Web Development
  3. Open Source Graphics

Our Mission

  • Spread open source to the world


About the authores :

Name: AbdAllah SaeeD AbdAllah  Nickname: BooDy

Date Of Birth: 5/12/1989

Location: Mansoura – Egypt

Interested in: Linux && Programming //as business …. 2D Graphics //as a hobby


Name : Eslam Mahmoud Abd El-Moniem ;  Nickname: Hunikal

Location: Alexandria – Egypt ;

Interested in : Web Development && Linux && Java ;

Personal Blog —– Tech Blog ;


Name : Abd El-Hamid IbrahiM Abd El-Hamid  Nickname: Noor El-Hoda

Address : Mansoura – Egypt

Interested In :  Web Development,Graphics,Linux And Python Scripting Programming

Personal Blog —- My forum


Name : Mohamed Emam  Nickname: dedooofedooo

Address : Egypt – Marsa Matrouh

Date of birth : 14-6-1989

Interested in : Linux – Security – Open Source life


Name : Ahmad Aabed  Nickname: 3abed

Date of birth : 22-1-1990

Address : Mansoura – Egypt

Interested in : Linux – Security – Programming


One Response to “About”

  1. dragonmm2010 Says:

    hey all really good work u are doing
    Towards always

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